Range Rover VentureCam

Launched at the Paris Motor Show, this remote camera can withstand immersion in water and being driven over by a fully laden Range Rover. Managing the unit’s two separate wireless technologies was a distinct design challenge, as was the power and optics required for the camera light source. Boxclever took responsibility for all mechanical and aesthetic design.


Docking Station

Getting a product designed and approved for deployment in a cockpit assembly is the ‘holy grail’ of automotive industrial design. The development of this in-car docking station for our VentureCam product was achieved within an accelerated timeframe. Responsibility was taken for the design of the product through to production validation including key life testing and the elimination of ‘squeaks and rattles’.

Rear View Camera

Mounted under the rear spoiler, the RVC must withstand extreme environmental conditions. Like most modern vehicles these exterior products were subjected to trials in Death Valley and inside the Arctic circle. The RVC is hermetically sealed and encapsulates desiccant to ensure fog free optics at all temperatures and humidity. All components are abrasion, impact and chemical resistant.

MG Rover Keyfob

Designed to be smooth and pocketable, the transmitter is two-shot injection moulded with an integrated button and waterproof seal. It can be easily adapted to facilitate a key blade for use on future models by changing the front moulding. Boxclever was responsible for the product’s mechanical design and delivery, which included supplier sourcing, BOM cost control and project scheduling.