Quantum 70

The Quantum 70 is a fully integrated, wireless control panel. It functions as a standalone device, not requiring connection to a control box somewhere else in the house. With an integrated keypad, siren and dialler, installation is quick and easy. Boxclever worked with HKC to logically locate the components and modules for easy assembly and installation. Large parts such as the power supply and batteries were placed in the middle; with a ‘wave’ design this minimises the bulk of the panel, allowing it to be mounted anywhere.

Range Tester

The range tester is a product which makes it easy for an installer to measure the strength of a wireless signal where detection devices are mounted. Feedback to the installer is by means of a LED signal strength indicator, or audio through the integrated speaker. The shape of the tester allows the installer to test the signal in the exact position, without using a ladder.


The water resistant keyfob allows easy arming/disarming of the security system using single button operation, or multi-button secure unset. The shape of the fob was specifically designed to prevent false button presses.