Flex 4K

Flex 4K™ is the first ever 43” curved screen cabinet to hit the UK LBO market. The Ultra HD sleek, sweeping touchscreen and dramatic frame lights offer a truly immersive gaming experience. Boxclever designed the cabinet from the ground up with front opening doors to minimise disruption during engineering work and the 43” display latched into place for easy assembly and servicing. Lighting was a key consideration with a front facing pinstripe offering enhanced game-contextual lighting, as well as secondary accent lighting along the front.


Eclipse is a new premium cabinet with the biggest four-screen vertical game display on the UK high street and the industry’s first widescreen player panel – SmartDeck , combining touchscreen video buttons and physical video buttons for a better player experience. HD sound with a mini speaker array at each side, and ambient game controlled lighting were included in the cabinet without increasing the width from the previous Storm cabinet.


Storm was the world’s first HD Gaming™ cabinet and is Inspired’s most successful cabinet to date, with over 20,000 installed internationally. Since being launched in the UK in 2008, Storm has become the top performing gaming machine in the UK by quite some distance. The ergonomics of the distinctive design emphasises the twin 22 inch HD displays and allows players to focus on the superior game content.