Smartglass International is renowned for manufacturing a variety of switchable glass products that are highly functional and easy to use. They supply a wide range of electronically switched privacy glass solutions that are distributed throughout the world. As a sales tool they wanted to provide architects and specifiers with a working sample of their glass in a stand that reflected their brand. Boxclever designed the stand, but also sourced the supplier for low volume, cost effective injection moulding.


The Clevercall box sits between a landline and the internet. The system allows users to make and take landline calls through their mobile, redirecting the call to the smartphone. When making a call the device selects if would be best to place the call through the landing or mobile using a ‘least cost routing’ algorithm. When roaming abroad, but with access to wi-fi, it connects back to the landline, making a potentially free call through the landline package.


Boxclever worked under a tight budget for design and tooling, and sourced a supplier who built an injection moulding tool and supplied the initial one hundred boxes for less than it would have cost to prototype using normal processes.


Flair approached Boxclever to improve the design robustness of their NaMara and Chianti shower enclosure ranges. The goal was to deliver consistent manufacturability, but consistency is difficult with materials such as aluminium extrusion, toughened glass and chrome plated plastics; especially when many of the parts have to be curved, such as this Chianti Fully Round Quadrant. We worked with Flair’s suppliers to ensure consistent, repeatable quality.


This sampling device allows a sample to be taken from a beef carcass traveling on a conveyor within the processing plant. The sample has to be taken and identified within eight seconds.


Ergonomics research was carried out using prototypes to not only find the best sampling tip design, but also looking at how the handle and cap were picked up and used at high speed. The sampler has to work in two distinct environments, the processing plant and the lab, where it needs to be handled by lab automation equipment.

S Table

The S-table is a product which is fitted to restaurant tables that are regularly moved outdoors. It automatically adjusts for uneven surfaces and prevents the table from rocking by using flexible bladders connected by microbore tubing. Boxclever commercialised the product from the proof of concept prototype to a production ready design.

System link

Systemlink’s unique patented zoning devices greatly simplify the design and installation of domestic heating zones. The Homezone controller is a fully intuitive, three-channel time and temperature control with integrated electronic central wiring unit.